CHIC Health Appears at the 2021 Annual Congress of Chinese Association of Chest Physicians


From June 17th to 20th, 2021, the " the 2021 Annual Congress of Chinese Association of Chest Physicians and the 20th China Respiratory Physicians forum", sponsored by Chinese Medical Doctors Association and respiratory physicians branch of Chinese Medical Doctors Association and co-sponsored by Tongji Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of science and technology, was successfully held in Wuhan International Conference Center. This annual meeting invited many well-known domestic experts to give special academic reports and clinical operation demonstrations to jointly discuss the development direction and ways of respiratory discipline, spread ideas, condense culture, explore academics, cultivate talents, and promote the development of respiratory discipline.


As a rising star in the field of chronic respiratory diseases, CHIC Health attended the annual congress with Pulmonary Outpatient Survey(POS) machines for chronic respiratory diseases. The current situation of COPD prevention and control in my country is severe. There are nearly 100 million patients in China, and the prevalence rate of people over 40 years old is as high as 13.7%. Through pre-diagnosis risk assessment, early diagnosis and early screening of COPD will be effectively achieved. Through long-term and standardized early treatment, we can effectively control the symptoms of COPD, reduce the medical burden of patients, maintain a high quality of life and improve the health level.

The pre-diagnosis evaluation function developed by CHIC Health can meet the needs of different scenarios and strictly follow the national three-level guarantee requirements to ensure the security of project data. The product supports the customization of multi-disease screening requirements, and can customize multi-disease screening, multiple follow-up questionnaires and other solutions from product appearance, system platform, etc., and has obtained 2 patents and 8 software copyrights.


Previously, CHIC Health has cooperated with Primary Health Care Foundation of China to launch the " end-to-end disease management for Chronic respiratory disease" project nationwide. With the help of pulmonary outpatient survey (POS) machines, it has formed a comprehensive closed-loop management of disease screening, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up, so as to improve the management level of chronic respiratory diseases. The project starts from April 2020 to June 2021, Pulmonary Outpatient Survey(POS) machines have been deployed into 1,500 hospitals across China, and 4 million effective screening evaluation data have been obtained, of which nearly 750 thousand people were identified as high-risk for chronic airway diseases, accounting for 20% of the screenedhas achieved remarkable results in the early screening and prevention and control of COPD.

In addition, in order to jointly promote the early screening and early diagnosis of COPD, CHIC Health took the opportunity of the annual breathing meeting to successfully convene the kick-off meeting of the " to optimize the COPD screening questionnaire based on machine learning and evaluated the effectiveness of utilization in a multi-center prospective observational study of COPD screening in China." cooperated with 13 hospitals. This study will verify and produce a screening tool for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) suitable for Chinese population, form an optimized path for early prevention and screening of COPD that is more suitable for China's national conditions, more stable, more convenient and economical, improve quality and efficiency, and reduce the social burden of the disease.

CHIC Health will continue to focus on the field of chronic respiratory diseases, create a closed loop of the entire disease management, so that more patients will benefit in the long-term, and solve the pain points in the specialized disease field to achieve greater value.


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