CHIC Health was shown splendidly on the The World Artificial Intelligence Conference


Today, more than 300 leading AI companies at home and abroad were shown on the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall bringing their own innovative masterpieces to warm up the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference which will officially open tomorrow. CHIC Health, as an innovative company in the field of chronic respiratory diseases, made its debut for the medical enterprise exhibition area of the conference.


Shanghai is an important base for CHIC Health to explore innovation in the field of medical artificial intelligence, where the artificial intelligence industry is developing rapidly. At this year’s World Artificial Intelligence Conference, CHIC Health set up a booth for the first time, exhibiting a Pulmonary Outpatient Survey (POS) machine for chronic respiratory diseases. Also, it showed the end-to-end disease management solutions of chronic respiratory disease that utilize AI to empower standardized management throughout the course of the disease, which cover the risk screening, diagnosis, treatment, patient follow-up and two-way referral flow, including the management of SaaS system, data analysis, out-of-hospital follow-up system, patient end, etc.


It is reported that as a young startup of the “The Top 100 Digital Medical Enterprises”, CHIC Health joined the International Digital Therapy Association (DTA) quickly and became a youngest Chinese member of the DTA. The company is committed to becoming a leader in the development of respiratory disease management and digital diagnosis and treatment in China. CHIC Health’s digital therapy covers the end-to-end disease management of chronic obstructive  pulmonary disease (COPD) patients, including AI-based screening, early warning of with acute exacerbation, and digital diagnosis and treatment of exercise rehabilitation, which will bring new gospel to the treatment and rehabilitation of COPD to improve public health.



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  • Telephone:0510-81999868